My Name Is Bob

by Drew Hale

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Personal reflection
My gift to you.

non sum qualis eram


released September 15, 2016

All songs written, performed, produced by Bob Drew Hale II, except tracks 7 and 10 written by BDHII and Eric Rohrbacker produced by BDHII and Slice Dog. Artwork by Jeff Hogue



all rights reserved


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Drew Hale Tulsa, Oklahoma

Drew Hale makes music in the center of the USA.

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Track Name: Hi You Look Real Fly
tell me about your dreams
are you clever? tell me about your schemes
is it harder than it seems?
sometimes you got to wait to see what tomorrow brings

another day for you to fly

tell me about your life
promise that i'm listening, you wont have to say it twice
what do you do with all your time?
is anybody keeping you from doing what you like?

just another day for you to fly
don't let them tell you you're flying too high
Track Name: Former Lovers All Agree
there's nothing wrong with you
but there might be something wrong with me
i thought you had a right to know, i might be crazy
that's me
Track Name: Some Rituals Are Just For Fun
don't mind me, burning a leaf
of a tree
color of green, sound of her dreams
remember to breathe

screaming nonsense to the passer-by
"kid, ya better just go back inside"
i've sang for my walls
now i'll try singing for people
every echo leaves a mark
reflections are picking up hammers
and carving imprints
written in ancient hieroglyphics
and the higher i lift them
the more comes back to me
it all comes back to you and me
i'm inside my eyeballs
you're inside your eyeballs

you get that
in the back of your eyes
Track Name: Read Me Your Sappy Poems
i don't like drifting apart
i don't care for the back and forth
don't wanna feel like i'm being ignored
i just wanna see you more

come here babe let me kiss you
i wanna show you what we're missing
loud and clear are you listening?
what do you think of this then

tonight, it's just you and me
baby please
how about tonight, just you and me
baby please
Track Name: We Must Surely Be Learning
don't make the same mistakes again
you're moving much too slow my friend

ever do something that you wish you wouldn't do?
if you only knew better then but now you do

if you could, it means you can, means that it's within
the realm of possibility

ya, you know i would if i could, excuses don't mean a thing to me
outside the realm of possibility

if you should, the time is now
don't wait, don't hesitate, please
Track Name: Slightly Bruised But Great
everything i've ever done
put me right here, right now
so you know i like it right here

but when it breaks your back
you can hear it when it makes a crack
it's the same when you say goodbye
always wait, cause it makes you cry

don't you know that i'd rather be
right here
than anywhere else right now

out of control when i break down
Track Name: You Know Me Writer
i have spoken
my devotion
washed my clothes in
the deep ocean
finished smokin
brewed my potion
potent portion
take my dose and
my eyes open
i've awoken
you're so important
makes me so sick

higher glider
catch a breeze
i'll see you later baby

i will miss you when you're gone

no remorse yet
i endorse it
i will forfeit
nothing more, yeah
if your coat said
what's in your head
i'm all for it
let's rejoice, then
make a new friend
call your old friend
and this weekend
we'll all be friends
have you heard this
new religion?
our weakness
makes us stronger

i will miss you when you're gone
yeah, you know me, writer
gonna miss you when you're gone
Track Name: Whatever It Is You Want To Keep
Track Name: The Future Was Today
the future was today, now it's past, and it's gone
do you always get your way with your dad and your mom?
do you have to pay for your gas and your phone?
every single day with your cash in your wallet
there's always a way, says the guy who runs away
live for today, says the man who's a waste
it'll be okay, says the gal wearing grey
you can find your way, says the guy who's lost his way
will you make your stay with the greatest of the hosts?
or will you decay and become like a ghost?
go back and sway to the beat of the drums
you think that i'm crazy, well i'm not, wait, yes i am
you may say i'm lazy, well you're right about that
i am amazed at how you make me laugh
tomorrow's just another day for you to waste away again
does that mean it's okay if you feel like it's a sin
then wrap up in your blanket and sleep
yeah, don't say anything. not a peep.
down on your knees and pray to a god you forgot
if she hears what you say will it mean an awful lot?
oh yeah, that's right, you hate it when i give it a name
when it has a label does it mean the same?
do we mean the same thing with the words that we use?
do we mean the same thing with the werds that we choose?
Track Name: You And I Share Common Ground
don't romanticize my life, you do not know what it's like
tell ya bout some shit i've seen. are you listening to me?
i've been low
about a deep and a dark a place as you can go
and i've been high
to a place where there's no difference between you and i

you don't know what i've been through, now i'm about to go through you
you don't know about my past, and no, i can not take it back
to a place where there's no difference between you and i
there's no difference between you and i

i never wanted you to leave

so take the time to understand that i am doing the very best that i can
i'm only human
there's no difference between you and i